KioskSimple - Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)
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  Q: What are the most common uses for KioskSimple?
A: KioskSimple is commonly used for deploying an existing website on a public facing kiosk or Windows tablet.
  Q: Is an Internet connection required and can the kiosk host local content?
A: Internet connections are optional as content can be accessed locally on the kiosk.
  Q: Which web browsers are supported?
A: The Chrome Engine (aka WebKit) and Internet Explorer 8 through 11.
  Q: Which Windows versions are supported.
A: Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10
  Q: How do I get tech support?
A: Check out our support page.
  Q: Do you offer consulting services?
A: Yes. We're happy to help with your kiosk project. Learn more.
  Q: What makes KioskSimple different from other lockdown applications?
A: KioskSimple makes it ridiculously easy to securely deploy your website on a public facing kiosk or Windows tablet.
  Q: Can I lock down any Windows application?
A: No. At this time we currently only support locking down the web browser.
  Q: What is the default password for KioskSimple?
A: kiosksimple
  Q: What is the default password for the "KioskSimple Limited" Windows account created by the KioskSimple installer?
A: KS2015Pwd!
  Q: What is a KioskSimple plugin and why do I need one?
A: Plugins expand the functionality of KioskSimple to add features like snapping photos from a webcam or populating payment fields on an e-commerce website when a credit card is swiped. If you just want to lockdown your web browser, then there's no need to purchase...   <READ MORE>
  Q: How does licensing work?
A: KioskSimple has a flexible plugin-based architecture where you only pay for the features you need. You purchase a license for the KioskSimple software and can optionally purchase plugin licenses to extend KioskSimple's functionality. Licenses can be conveniently...   <READ MORE>
  Q: Are there separate licenses for KioskSimple for Windows and KioskSimple for Windows Tablets?
A: No. These are the same products and use the same license keys. Once you install KioskSimple there are configuration settings available to optimize KioskSimple for a tablet display if needed.
  Q: Does my license ever expire?
A: No. Licenses never expire and do include maintenance updates for one year from the time of purchase.