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  Q: What are the most common uses for KioskSimple?
A: KioskSimple is commonly used for securing the web browser and OS of public-facing kiosks or locking down .NET custom user controls.
  Q: Can KioskSimple accept payments?
A: Yes. We are always adding support for new payment devices to our plugins page.
  Q: Is an Internet connection required and can the kiosk host local content?
A: Internet connections are optional as content can be accessed locally on the kiosk.
  Q: Which web browsers are supported?
A: Internet Explorer 8 and up.
  Q: Which Windows versions are supported.
A: Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
  Q: How do I get tech support?
A: Check out our support page.
  Q: Do you offer consulting services?
A: Yes. We're happy to help with your kiosk project. Learn more.
  Q: What makes KioskSimple different from other lockdown applications?
A: KioskSimple provides an intuitive and minimalistic experience for securing your kiosks and corporate PCs. Our ultra-flexible plugin based architecture means you only have to pay for the features you actually use ensuring KioskSimple is a perfect fit to your budget...   <READ MORE>
  Q: Can I lock down any Windows application?
A: No. The application must be a .NET WPF custom user control and requires the use of our free SDK. Please contact support so we can send you the SDK and help get you started.
  Q: What is the default password for KioskSimple?
A: kiosksimple
  Q: What is a KioskSimple plugin and why do I need one?
A: Plugins expand the functionality of KioskSimple to add features like accepting payments and support for input devices (i.e. bill acceptors, credit card readers, barcode readers, etc.). If you just want to lockdown your kiosk then there's no need to purchase additional...   <READ MORE>
  Q: Can you support my hardware device?
A: Yes! Check out our plugins page and if you do not see the device you are looking for, we can create a custom plugin for your device.
  Q: Can you add a custom feature I need?
A: Yes! Features are added to KioskSimple in the form of plugins. Check out our plugins page and if you do not see the device you are looking for, we can create a custom plugin...   <READ MORE>
  Q: How does licensing work?
A: KioskSimple has a flexible plugin-based architecture where you only pay for the features you need. You purchase a license for the KioskSimple software and can optionally purchase plugin licenses to extend KioskSimple's functionality (software features and support...   <READ MORE>
  Q: Are there separate licenses for KioskSimple for Windows and KioskSimple for Windows Tablets?
A: No. These are the same products and use the same license keys. Once you install KioskSimple there are configuration settings available to optimize KioskSimple for a tablet display if needed.
  Q: Does my license ever expire?
A: No. Licenses never expire and do include minor updates and bug fixes. A new license must be purchased if you wish to install major updates.